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Employment Preparation

Women looking for first jobs, re-entering the workforce or striving to change positions are often overwhelmed by the process. Starting this journey towards success can seem more difficult than the journey itself. There are dozens of questions, what-if’s and anxiety-fueled fears. It can be difficult to find your bearings and figure out your first or even tenth move. Daunting as it may seem, if you are one of these women, you need to take that first step. Single Mom, CEO can help you take it.

Through our online services, we work with you to refine your employment paperwork, achieve a professional look and have the confidence to walk out of an interview with your head held high. We believe that with the right tools and coaching, you can reach your potential within the workplace. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone patient and supportive in your corner? Please look over the detailed explanation of our Employment Preparation services below to see if they are right for you.

Career Guidance

These are 30-minute sessions designed to help you with new employment or furthering an existing career.


All clients who choose the Resume Building option will receive a PDF attachment in an email with instructions for all information to have ready for your session. You will work with us to create a rough draft resume. We will coordinate with you via email after to revise the draft into a final product. There is a maximum of 2 revisions before a final product is delivered by email in your desired format.

Job Search Consultation
  • Assist in determining your employment options.
  • Discuss potential jobs in your area based on your criteria.
  • Create networking contacts in your particular field.
Career Management
  • Tips to make your current workplace better fit your needs as a parent.
  • Assess your current position and suggest ways to advance your career.
  • Build confidence through coaching and determine areas that could use improvement.
Resume Building
  • Work History Summarization
  • Education and Skill Articulation
  • Formatting Guidelines
  • Reference Advice
  • Networking Tips
  • Resume Revisions

Style Consultation

These are 60-minute sessions where we help you achieve a professional look that leaves a great impression. We work with you to find the right outfit and accessories for interviews or the workplace. Through our sessions and various online video tutorial links, we show you the hair and makeup options that work best for you. Last, but certainly not least, we coach you through conducting yourself in a professional manner. Manners matter, so let us help you dissuade any doubts or fears.

Feel more confident as a role model to your children.

Fashion Advice
  • Coordinate appropriate attire related to your career.
  • Find deals and brands that fit your budget.
  • Determine the styles that work best for you.
  • Feel beautiful while still looking professional.
Hair/Makeup Tips
  • Makeup options to fit your personal needs and budget.
  • Hairstyles that fit your life in and out of work.
  • Helpful tutorial videos and links sent to you.
  • An honest opinion with the support you need.
Etiquette Guidance
  • Body Language Do’s and Don’ts.
  • A primer on manners in and out of the workplace.
  • Practice office-appropriate conversation with valuable feedback.
  • How to avoid getting a call from HR.
  • Dealing with difficult workplace situations like a professional.

Interview Preparation

Interviews can make even the most confident person feel nervous. Our 15-Minute sessions are great for first timers who want to know what they’re up against or seasoned pros looking to brush up before a big interview. We help you with a series of practice questions that simulate what you may encounter in real life interviews. You can receive feedback in a safe and encouraging environment. We work with you to build your confidence in speaking to executives so that you feel calm and comfortable. This is an invaluable service for working moms!

Practice Interviews
  • Preparation for common interview questions.
  • Tips and tricks for answering difficult questions.
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker.
Interview Etiquette
  • Do’s and Don’ts for every interview.
  • Learn how to compose yourself as a polished professional.
  • Body Language tips.
  • Advice on word choices and vocabulary.
Confidence Building
  • Someone to give you the encouragement you need.
  • Valuable feedback on how you present yourself.
  • Self-esteem boosting when you need it most.

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