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About Our Booking System

Scheduling an appointment with Single Mom, CEO is a quick and easy process. We have worked with to create an effortless system that handles both appointments and payments. Below you will find a list of our service categories. Simply pick your category, the specific service you want, the time that is best for you and answer a few quick preference questions. These questions help us know what kind of appointment you are interested in.

Types of Sessions Available

Video Conference:

Skype gives you the amazing ability to have a conversation with another person, no matter the distance, and still feel like you are face to face. You can feel like you’re at the local coffee shop with someone you know without having to change your location.

Voice Chat

Some people are shy around the camera or prefer a semblance of anonymity. Voice Chats may be for you. Skype allows you to make the same type of calls you would to a phone through your personal device. Sometimes hearing a person on the other end of a line is all you need.

Text Chat:

Perfect for new clients, privacy conscious or painfully shy. You can feel like you’re texting someone you’ve known for years. It takes away all those worries you have about reaching out to another person.

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Should our integrated system ever be down for visitors, please visit us at our page and you can make your appointments there as well.

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