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Weekend Update

Posted by admin at 9:45 AM on Aug 21, 2016


It's summer! You can't stay inside creating a website all week long, day after day. Any mom out there knows that cabin fever is a real issue when you are a parent. Time to get outside in the fresh air for a while and have some fun. This is the time for adventures at the beach or going to the park. You spend enough time doing this or that like a boss. Time to relax and have fun like your kid.

Being responsible adults, we do have to have something done to warrant taking a bit of time off. So, if you're not out on a summer trip or having a little day-cation, check out our Contact page. That's right! We have a Contact page now! You can leave us questions, comment or even recipes! Okay, maybe not the last one but who doesn't love having a quick dinner plan up their sleeve? Anyway, go take a look, maybe leave us a little love.