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Posted by admin at 12:00 PM on Sep 20, 2016


As we come to the close of September, we are nearly ready to launch the site. We need a bit of time to test everything to make sure it all works as designed. Then there is the social media integration. In this day and age you have to interlink all of these platforms just to stay current. To call it daunting is an understatement. This effort isn't for ourselves alone, it's also for all of you out there. Single moms deserve a resource like this so failure is not an option.

We will launch, it will be amazing
and you will have a place to turn when you need it.

As part of our finally steps, we have created some new pages and finalized designs of existing ones. Fresh off the presses is our Booking page. Here you will be able to schedule sessions and pay for them with convenience and easy. We opted for integration with to simplify the process. They provide a solid platform and give us a great solution for appointments and payments. Speaking of payments, we have also set up our business PayPal account which will handle any and all transactions. Should you have any questions, there is now a handy new FAQ page that covers the most common questions. We also invite you to send in any other questions you may have for us. Our new About Us page provides an explanation of what we do and why we do it. We hope you appreciate the time and effort that went into all of these features.

As we test the site and its functions, you may see parts of it disabled or appearing unfinished. This is perfectly normal and part of the testing process. We are making sure the finished product is something you can admire.