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Posted by admin at 7:20 AM on Aug 31, 2016


We're closing month two of construction of this site. It seems like longer and at the same time, it feels like falling behind. It's natural to be critical of yourself. We all do it at some point. What matters is that you don't let that stop you. It's very easy to fall into a spiral of doubt and spend more time second guessing than actually working. What does that actually accomplish? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

There are all sorts of aspects of creating something like this that you might not consider in the beginning. Planning is your friend. Plan and make plans for when those plans fail. You need Plan A through Plan E, and even then, be prepared to wing it. Life works the same way. You need to be able to anticipate as much as you need to adapt. The times when we fall apart usually come out of the moments where we encounter something we can't think our way around or push our way through. The frustration builds and if you're already wound up too tight, you can explode into an emotional mess. The kind of adult outburst where you cry on the subway or turn normal grocery store price annoyance into full blown outrage. Building the right life skills help you keep that from happening. We can't promise it will never happen, but wouldn't it be nice to be better equipped to keep it from happening?

That's what we're doing here. We're trying to create a place where you can develop such skills and the confidence that comes with them! How do we do it? Lots of ways! Right now, in this instance, we use the power of collaboration. Working with our designer and trusted friends to make sure that we're on the right path. Feedback is an invaluable resource for productivity. It's not just throwing around criticism and tearing each other down. It's about creating a dialogue for change or staying the course that builds you up!

As of now, we look to be on track for completion of the website. If all goes well, we should be ready to launch in October. The last parts are always the hardest part so we may not post another update within the usual time frame. Know that this means there is a lot of thought and hard work being put into this venture. Keep checking back for more updates!

Stay Tuned!