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Posted by admin at 10:45 AM on Sep 5, 2016


We're in the home stretch and coming up on one of the most nerve wracking parts of this venture. Over the next week or two we're going to be working on the booking system for the site. Okay, make your "booking right now" jokes in your head and get them over with people. Ready? Great. No, we're not going to start selling trips to the Bahamas. The booking system is how we will set up appointments for video chats with our clients.

This is a key piece of the business, so it needs to be perfect! This is that moment where you move that one Jenga piece that shakes the whole thing. Keep steady, trust your gut and everything will be fine. Hey, that's what we tell ourselves and it has brought us this far. Don't knock it!

Finding the right system is important, so we may try out more than one. Then there is working with our designer to configure it for the site and the endless testing. So much testing! You might see the website glitch or slow down during this time. Don't panic! We're okay.

When everything is ready, users will be able to see available time slots, select the service that they want and book their appointment.

How cool is that?