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Sometimes we can use a little guidance or encouragement. It can be a sympathetic ear or someone to help us with a new outlook. We work to determine your specific goal, the obstacles in the way of it and how to better reach it.

Employment Preparation

Begin your career path or forge a new one for yourself. We help you prepare your resumes, look the part and feel more comfortable during the interview. We will coach you on how to make your workplace work for you.


Whether your project is at work or home, organization and efficiency is vital to getting anything done. Know where everything is and be happy with how it looks! Let us help you declutter and better manage your projects.


Welcome To Single Mom, CEO

This is the beginning of something great. Our goal is to help single moms out there become the best version of themselves. We want to help you build the home and work life you need and want to raise your family. More than that, we hope to show women that if we support each other, we can achieve more. We shouldn't ever have to feel alone. The first step is reaching out.
We can only show you the path, you have to be willing to walk it.

Please look over our site and see if Single Mom, CEO can help you today.

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"The few people that I shared my story with, all felt that they could connect with me in some way, because they knew a single mom and suggested they reach out to me. After speaking with some women going through similar issues, I began to offer coaching/mentor services for those that seek support."